Curb appeal that appeals to all. The perfect complement to any façade. Nothing compares to the beauty of a wood front door. Nothing else feels the same; nothing else sounds the same; nothing else reverberates with history; nothing else offers the palette of textures and finishes possible with wood. It is really true that no other door compares in beauty to a wood door.

In its ability to be customized, wood stands alone. You can specify shapes, sizes, species, details and finishes entirely of your own choosing. We provide custom framing systems, mortise locks, concealed door closers, pre-hung doors machined for hardware – the entire range of design possibilities.

At Rockwood, high standards are fundamental, regardless of style, from traditional, Craftsman and Wright-inspired doors to Tuscan, rustic or contemporary entry doors. Arched doors, double doors and doors of your own design are challenges that we embrace.

Because Rockwood was founded in Ohio’s Amish Country, many of our workers are steeped in a tradition of fine craftsmanship, a tradition that is balanced with a large, exceptionally clean workshop equipped with the latest in CNC technology.

Whether you are interested in exterior door prices, complex installations or the finest custom handcrafted doors, let’s talk.